Breast enlargement

The Operation according to the increase of mammary glands are some of the most popular and most requested plastic procedures for the increase of the volume. Such a plastic will not be earlier than girls reached the end of puberty, because, up to its completion, the chest is still in the Phase of its formation.

Breast enlargement

Indications for the increase of breast cancer:

  • Undeveloped mammary glands, the desire of women to change the size of the breast with the aim of improving their appearance.
  • You can change the quantities after a strong weight loss.
  • Deterioration of the aesthetics of the Breasts sagging, associated with pregnancy and the period of feeding, either with age-related changes.
  • Asymmetric position of the mammary glands in connection with congenital or acquired defects.

The plastic surgery after the increase of mammary glands can be carried out, with the help of the arthroplasty with the most modern implants, or with the methods of Lipo-Lifting. In the latter case, as a filler tissue of the patient serves as their own fat is removed by liposuction with other areas of the body.

Properties of the implants for the arthroplasty

Implants, which are different for the enlargement of the breast, in several criteria. Below you will find some of the most important.

Form. There are round implants and teardrop-shaped. In the use of circular variants of the upper part of the breast is. The shape of the drop is considered to be a natural and anatomical.

Kind Of A Filler:

  • Silicone. Modern silicone Gel has a shape memory and absolute safety for the body. Gel is not flowing and even if we assume that the shell does not break, it is to the outside, and the implant is not deformed.
  • Cooking salt solution. These implants are filled with the solution after the build-up in the body, that minimizes the area of separation of the skin.
  • Biogel. The solution, filled the implant, and is totally harmless – in the case of damage of the shell composition breaks down into simple elements, which do not cause harm to the body (water, carbon dioxide, Glucose).

Steps In The Procedure Arthroplasty

Before the Operation, after the increase of mammary glands, a survey of the patient with the delivery of the mandatory Tests and ultrasound examinations. The procedure is carried out only in the hospital followed by a stay in the clinic within 1-3 days. The enlargement of the mammary gland is performed under General anesthesia and takes about 1-2 hours time depending on the individual peculiarities and the complexity of the operation.

An experienced plastic surgeon Al-Yousef selects the optimal way to cut it can be made around the areola of the nipple, in the armpit or in the crease under the gland. The implant can be placed in the space under the muscle, under the gland, or between the muscles. The localization also selects the physician, relying on the type and shape of the implant, as well as the individual characteristics of the anatomy of the patient.

Period of Rehabilitation

After performing the operations according to the increase of mammary glands of the patient wearing a special compressive must be bra before the end of the Rehabilitation. The threads are, the doctor removes the 5-10 day – depending on the type of access and the size of the cut.

After the completion of the operations according to the increase of mammary glands, a slight discomfort, a temporary loss of sensation feeling, perhaps, is the emergence of swelling. Active movement in this period is better to limit, and to be sporting activities is possible, again on the recommendation of the doctor by one and a half-two months.

The result of the arthroplasty permanent, however, sometimes, after 10-15 years, possibly, correction of the soft parts.