Methods of breast enlargement and their effects

the girl chooses the method of breast augmentation

Many women spend a lot of time looking for information about breast augmentation. Many girls want to increase their breasts by 1-3 sizes while keeping their appearance and not affecting their health. There are a number of common methods and approaches that can produce results. Let's take a closer look at these options.


With the help of physical activity, you cannot enlarge your breasts. On the other hand, you can correct its appearance, make it more elastic, fit, give it aesthetics and attractiveness. To get a real result, you need to regularly exercise and perform special exercises. But it should be borne in mind in advance that thanks to such methods it will not be possible to increase the volume. In addition, this method is inferior to plastic correction and breast augmentation in everything.


The size and shape of the breasts in a woman's body are genetic. Therefore, consuming certain foods, the list of which can be found in many sources, does not lead to any result. If breast augmentation is possible, it will not be restricted and, along with the breast, the hips, abdomen and buttocks will increase in volume. This will distribute the weight unevenly.

Autologous fat transfer

This technology has been used for many years. However, the method has not proven itself, as the patient's own fat dissolves over time. After that, the breasts will return to their previous size. This is because such adipose tissue has no blood supply and the transplanted fat simply does not take root. For example, if a small amount of fat is transplanted into the breast, an adequate blood supply cannot be obtained.

Zero breast augmentation

The volume can be increased by giving Macroline injections. However, over time, the drug dissolves in tissues and is simply cleared from the body naturally. In order to maintain the result, it is necessary to additionally administer the drug into the tissue. It is also necessary to understand that macroline can migrate in tissues. It can also lead to the formation of a capsule near the injection of the drug, causing a violation of symmetry and causing infection and infection of the area.

The use of implants

Today the use of implants for breast enlargement is the only effective method in the world. This guarantees a spectacular result, breast enlargement by several sizes and a permanent result. Such implants have a lifetime guarantee, they are not rejected by the body and provide a lasting result. If the materials are properly selected and the job is done, then there is no need to replace such implants in the future.

Most women choose breast augmentation because they are dissatisfied with the size and volume of their breasts. Not every girl will be able to love each other so with small breasts, and therefore they resort to modern methods of increasing the size and adding volume.

It is also necessary to understand that the operation is quite complex and various complications can arise. Therefore, when choosing a specialist, that is, a plastic surgeon, it is necessary to be responsible and balanced.