Breast augmentation: myths and reality!

Breast enlargement

Plastic surgery today has a leading Position among all types of correction of appearance and body care. However, a growing number of women are the most attractive body wants to change, part of the chest. On the one hand, wants to be beautiful, on the other hand, is scary. The Fulle Amateur information in social networks, promotion of the incompetence of the plastic surgeon in the media and our own prejudices often girls disturb you decide to have the surgery, and to forever change for the better in your life: "and suddenly the implant move, the complications, Yes, and then, in the same plans, a child". Women who come with fear to advice, to find out what it turns out there are modern implants – high-quality and with a lifetime warranty, sometimes with a micro-chip and ultra-modern materials, the skin incisions sutured absorbable sutures, without it you were a removal, scar is invisible after a few months, where, and the drain hose is not almost used, by the conception of the BelloBusto, etc. to dispel myths, Let us, finally, about the Breasts and see what is true and what is lie.

Breast enlargement is very dangerous

Some women are convinced that breast implants – a dangerous Operation, which threaten the life of the patient. In fact, this is possible, if the service proves to be unskilled in the clinic or by unskilled hands, in other cases, breast implants in the Pro-model — a pleasure for the surgeon. Modern technologies allow it, even before the surgery, almost exactly predict the result. The concept of "BelloBusto", based on the latest discoveries in the field of the anatomy of the breast includes colleagues from Toronto, New York and Vienna, and a series of pre-operative investigations: ultrasound of the breast gland for the determination of their structure and the elimination of diseases; investigation of blood flow of the chest of drawers and labelling requirements for the major great vessels, the blood supply to the nipple, which is especially important in the case of the combination of breast enlargement with a more efficient measurements of the anatomical proportions and the chest of drawers, evaluated the elasticity and strength of the skin.

On the basis of all these data, the required steam-implants, the asymmetry in addition, depending on the model and volume, if a correction of the. Already at the first consultation the patient try on can. on the outer implants, the see the desired circumference of the chest of drawers, and help the patient make the final decision, as well as perform 3D computer modeling, and even from the outside And finally, before the Operation markers that determined, maybe to 70% is applied to the output of the Operation. In addition, modern medicine is dental allows implants of the latest Generation, equipped with a micro-chip and a special texture. All operations with High-Tech equipment and materials, with a special lighting and optics.

After the surgery, you can't breastfeed

It is probably one of the most common misconceptions. 80% of the women on the advice as a question, and despite the fact that already a lot of information in the detection of this myth, its popularity continues unabated. Two crucial factors, the type of access and the location of the implant relative large muscles of the chest are in this case. The gold standard for the Installation of the implant means that the space under the pectoralis major muscle, making it gland contact with the chest. Arthroplasty puts no impact to the quality of the mother's milk. The lack of any effects of silicone implants on the quality of the breast milk was demonstrated in 1998 by scientists from Toronto.

However, the function of the mammary gland reduktsionnaya mammoplastika (breast reduction), mastopexy (breast lift) and breast implants with a cut on the edge of the Areola may be affected, since in all cases, the surgeon working with the breast tissue, the provider is responsible for the synthesis and excretion of milk. In the case of such operations to be transferred to fen out the sinuses, leading to the point of ducts and lobules of the gland fibrotic changes and lactostasis cause after the birth. So, if you are planning a pregnancy, you should inform your doctor so that he has the appropriate type of access, and in detail explain the advantages and disadvantages of the available options mammoplastiki.

Scars after surgery

There are many technologies that enable it, make the scars less visible, and the breast – natural. You don't trust the surgeon, the promise of surgery without visible traces is impossible, because the scar formation is a natural protective reaction of the body to any external injury. Welts in any case, but only the surgeon can they be noticeable at least and hide in the natural creases. Plays a key role in an extremely delicate relationship with the tissue during the Operation and the special technique of sewing from post-operative wounds without tension of the substances - "no tension technique". Because even really large stitched wound turns after a few months, in barely perceptible thin edge, and the small, badly sewn, and with the ungleichmigen edges will no longer heal, and the aesthetic result are guaranteed to be worse. The wound in the future, not turned into a large post-surgical scar, you should carefully study the recommended cream to take care of them, and wear Giraud-silicone Bandage for support of normal homeostasis. The wearing of compression garment, you should within the first month after the Operation, because it is fixed in this time, the structural integrity of the skin at the cellular level, and the implant is recovered in the desired Position.

Breast implants should not in the summer

A breast correction can be performed in any season, any day and month. Weather conditions, and other or external factors have no influence on the quality of the surgery and the recovery phase. The patients fear that, weather permitting bacterial infections to multiply faster that it can be dangerous for postoperative wounds or discomfort fear of underwear because of the compression. Specialists have more to fear when the weather complications, with an increased evaporation of the liquid from the surface of the body, which can indirectly increase the viscosity of the blood and the probability of the formation of blood clots in the deep veins of the legs.

Part of both is true, but let's look at one at a time with each. Each Operation is. from the outset, in an absolutely sterile conditions, which means without the possibility of the ingress of bacteria All operating systems are equipped with air conditioning and sterile air to maintain the optimal temperature for the patient, 22 - 23, rooms of the Association, and of postoperative chamber to meet all the required Standards and the spread of disease eliminate pathogens both in summer and in Winter, otherwise the clinic would not be clinic. In addition, for each Operation, the longer than thirty minutes, is the mandatory one-time antibiotic prophylaxis. All postoperative wounds stitched with modern materials and a sterile dressing covered with overgrown SteriStrip, thereby reducing the likelihood of the spread of the infection in the wound during the Rehabilitation. Drug prophylaxis of a venous thrombosis will be carried out and is based on the biochemical indicators of the blood, of the accompanying pathologies and the complexity of the operation, but not on the time of year. Prevention of thrombosis compression stockings, during all operations, and prevents Stagnation of blood in the veins of the legs.are

If you do decide that breast implants, better do not pay attention to the season, but the specialists and the clinic should be competent in the provision of services.

Unnatural Result

Another common myth about the increase in the chest of drawers connected with the idea of the affectation of the result after arthroplasty mammary glands. In the first days after the Operation, don't jump to conclusions you should do, since the final result can only be determined after 1.5–2 months. In times, where in plastic surgery, only saline implants were the skin with a smooth exterior, not to speak of the ideality. So often the so-called "shrinking" of the implant or rippling arose around the contracture of smooth implants developed significantly more frequently, as well as the frequency of such discontinuities implants was significantly higher, but even here, much depends on the hands of the wizard. The technological breakthrough gave the opportunity today to choose, is not only a manufacturer of endoprostheses, but also their size, shape, profile, coating, and composition, to meet which all the complications related to implant virtually. Developed, technically and even breast enlargement. Advanced the surgeon is planning to do a combined method for the Installation of the implant dual. This means that the implant is installed, as it were, in two levels, and approximately the upper 2/3 of the implants, muscle-covered, and the bottom 1/3 of the fabric of the gland. This is the safest way of Installation, practically displacement of the implant excludes and at the same time a sexy form the contour of the chest of drawers, which is stable over the course of multiple years.

Implants over time should change

Modern implants high quality tatto and require no further replacement, but almost all of the manufacturers of implants on the market, give a lifetime warranty on its products, and guarantee a free replacement in the case of the identification of capsular contracture IV degree or non-traumatic rupture of the shell of the implant. Exceptions to this are damages that can occur only in case of acute injury. Endoprostheses have a multilayer shell, which resists elongation up to 600 kg. If the Patient with age is changing the mass of the body, or he would like can be the previous size of the breast implant is replaced, to transfer the larger size, or to be paid. But the Patient must be taken into account that after the removal of the implants in the breast require correction of the shape or face lift can.

I need the same implant as for the girlfriend

Periodically, we hear from patients about the desire to have a bigger chest, just like her close friends or acquaintances. The desire is often some knowledge about the use, about the manufacturer of the implant that was used in the case of the girlfriend, about his size and models. Fortunately, by nature we are all, individually, so that dental implants should be absolutely adjusted individually. And it is impossible to have the identical effect just with the same implant. Doctor a large number of components for the desired end result needs to analyze. As corny as it may sound, but for the surgeons it would be easier to navigate on the ideas of the patient about the future of the dresser, or on a example to see the result the Patient desires.

The result of breast augmentation depends on many factors: the technical qualifications, the right actions of the patient after the procedure, the quality of the provision of services and additional Material, but also on the individual peculiarities of the organism. So, before you decide to have the surgery, you should a thousand times, all the thinking, and, of course, a thorough medical examination.