Ways to Increase at Home

Inadequate breast size and the desire to enlarge it is the most common reason women of all ages seek out a plastic surgeon. Are there ways to avoid the painful procedure and treat yourself to a luxurious bust without significant financial costs?

Is it possible to enlarge the bust at home

Today, plastic surgery is the only way to guarantee 100 percent breast enlargement. All other known methods "work" individually - but who knows, maybe in individual cases, and it will be possible to achieve the desired effect.

Breast enlargement massage

Massages are a good alternative to surgical breast augmentation. It doesn't promise any significant changes, but it is possible to add 1 more size to the massage. The positive effect of the massage is linked to the improvement of the blood flow to the chest through mechanical action on the chest muscles. The result is not immediately visible - you need at least 1 month of regular massage sessions of 30 minutes each. How can you enlarge breasts with massage?

Getting a massage is quite simple, you just need to correctly apply the main technique - circular rotations. The technique for their implementation is as follows: put preheated hands on your chest and make strong, multidirectional circular movements. For the right chest turn clockwise, for the left - counterclockwise, then change the direction.

Don't forget to apply cream or oil to your skin!

A good addition to the massage is the use of oils - almond, peach and essential geranium or ylang-ylang. And oil with hop cones improves the effect even more.

In addition to the usual, hydromassage strengthens the chest muscles and increases the tone of the skin. Regular water treatments help tighten the skin and give the breasts volume. It is not difficult to please yourself with such results - it is enough to devote 5-7 minutes to massage while showering. Jets of water are directed to the chest and massaged in circular motions (a total of 10 revolutions). Gradually, the water pressure is increased and the area above and below the chest is trained.

Creams - Are They Worth Using? How do you work?

From television screens, beautiful girls with distinctive shapes are increasingly demanding the use of special creams to enlarge the breast. Their action is based on plant estrogens, which are part of every remedy for such medicinal cosmetics. As analogues of natural female hormones, they accelerate metabolic processes and stimulate blood flow to the breast. As a result, the breasts increase in volume and firmness and the skin looks more cared for, smoother and more elastic. So you can easily enlarge your breasts with a cream at home, but remember:

  • Apply the cream only to clean skin
  • You need to use it systematically and without interruption.

If you are a teenager, in no case do not use the cream yourself, but consult the appropriateness of use with adults or a doctor!

Breast enlargement cream

Essential oils and oil masks

Essential oil is a good remedy that will help slightly increase the first breast size by 1. 5-2 and restore beauty and attractiveness to the cleavage area. This effect is explained by the ability of oils to increase blood flow to the cells of the subcutaneous layer and thereby indirectly strengthen the chest muscles. The use of essential oils and masks based on them will prevent the appearance of stretch marks and allow you to successfully fight the existing ones.

Features of the use of essential oils:

  • Used as a base for homemade lotions, toners, masks, creams and compresses.
  • You can treat the breast with either one type of oil or a mixture of several.
  • Not used in its pure form. Before applying it directly to the breast, you need to mix the butter with kefir, milk and cream.
  • Apply the oil gently avoiding the areola and nipple area.
  • Before using, it is important to test for latent allergies by treating an inconspicuous area of skin with oil. If there is no reddening, the oil can be used without hesitation.
  • The minimum application time is 3 months - only after this time can the result be clearly seen.

Recipes for breast enlargement with essential oil masks:

  • 40 ml almond oil, 7 drops each of geranium oil and ylang-ylang;
  • 30 ml of peach oil, 10 drops of sage oil;
  • 20 ml of fresh aloe juice, 5 drops of geranium oil, 7 drops of hop oil.

Mix the components of the listed masks and rub them on the skin of the chest with massage movements every time after taking a shower.

Important to note:The main thing is to adhere to the measure and, at the slightest signs of irritation, stop using the oil in order to avoid severe allergic reactions.

How do you use iodine? Advantages and disadvantages of this method

A common "grandmother" method of changing breast volume is to apply an iodine mesh to the skin. If the procedure is carried out correctly, after just 30 days you can admire the breast size +1 to the previous one. Such a good success of iodine is due to its ability to improve local blood flow due to the blood flow to the treated skin area.

Method of using iodine:

  • Shower or cleanse your chest with toner / lotion;
  • Using a cotton swab dipped in iodine, apply a thick mesh to the skin avoiding the areola and nipple area.
  • Let the net dry for 2-3 minutes, then put on cotton underwear.
  • Apply a moisturizer or nourishing cream / lotion to the skin the next day to prevent dry skin;
  • To get a visible result, it is enough to do the procedure 2-3 times a week.

At first glance, the method impresses with its simplicity, accessibility and harmlessness. Indeed, iodine and cotton swabs are inexpensive in any pharmacy, and even a child can cope with the use of a net.

However, this method of breast augmentation also has a downside. Excessive entrainment with iodine nets can cause considerable damage to health. Superficial skin burns, local allergic reactions and even the provocation of neoplasms - an incomplete list of the consequences of excessive iodine consumption.

What to eat to enlarge the breast

Eat. Eating just the right foods - while filling your stomach and adjusting your breast size - isn't that the easiest way to solve a painful problem? Both the instructions from the older generation and the recommendations from the World Wide Web ensure that this is actually possible.

Products that accelerate breast growth:

  1. Cabbage, legumes, dairy products (milk, kefir, cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese), herbal broth (with fennel, hops, red clover), spices (ginger, cumin, oregano). Rich in phytoestrogens, it stimulates the increased production of female estrogens, which are responsible for breast development
  2. Fruit and vegetables: all types of cabbage, beets, eggplants, apples, plums, pumpkins, strawberries, guarantor. High in fiber and helps regulate testosterone levels in the blood
  3. Olive and linseed oil, sesame seeds, avocados, nuts, herring, seeds. Contains healthy unsaturated fats to support body fat levels. If it falls below 12%, the chest will fall after it.
Girl eats cabbage for breast enlargement

Hormones: how does the breast grow with them?

The most effective way to resize your breast after plastic surgery if it's not growing. After all, it's hormones, especially estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin, that are responsible for breast growth and development. Their deficiency is manifested in modest amounts of mammary glands and an increase in the period of growing up, pregnancy and breastfeeding - to a significant increase. Thus, by adjusting the balance of the necessary hormones, you can bring your shapes closer to the parameters you want.

But taking hormone preparations simply on the advice of a friend or through advertising is not possible under any circumstances. All hormones can only be prescribed by a gynecologist-endocrinologist, having performed the necessary tests and studying their results.

the doctor holds the breast augmentation implant

As a rule, experts prescribe the use of hormonal preparations in the form of tablets, injections and dietary supplements with phytoestrogens. The vast majority of hormonal drugs that promise breast growth are contraceptives. They do not stimulate the development of breast tissue, but instead lower the level of male hormones and at the same time increase the concentration of estrogen. This leads to a redistribution of fat tissue in the body and its concentration in typically female body parts, including the breasts.

But, unfortunately, taking hormonal supplements cannot solve the problem of a small bust once and for all. The effect achieved lasts only for the duration of its ingestion, and with the completion of the course the woman will have to buy underwear again size.

Constant use of hormones with breaks to "rest" can be detrimental to women's health. Menstrual cycle disorders, decreased libido, increased body weight, diseases of the endocrine system and even infertility - an incomplete list of the consequences of uncontrolled pursuit of the desired number. Therefore, before you start taking hormones, you need to weigh the pros and cons: is breast size more important than being able to have a baby and maintain your health?

Plants such as fenugreek and hop cones have similar effects on the body, except that they are considered "natural. " However, they should also be treated with the utmost care.

Vacuum cleaning - how does it work?

Vacuum breast augmentation technology was initially used in medical practice to restore soft tissue after wounds and abrasions of varying severity. Today massagers developed using this technology have become another feminine weapon of beauty and attractiveness.

The effect of vacuum devices is based on the generation of negative pressure in the chest area: the mammary gland is drawn into the suction cup, then a larger amount of arterial blood begins to flow there. Due to its influx, the vessels expand, swell, and blood plasma penetrates into neighboring tissues, increasing the volume of the bust. So you can change the breast size by 1 size without noticeable effort.

At home, vacuum breast augmentation allows:

  1. Special system (vacuum massage bra). It is a device made up of 2 shells that are placed directly on the mammary glands and attached to the body with a fabric bodice (included in the set). When the device is turned on, the mechanism begins to pump air out of the bowls through special hoses, creating a vacuum in them. The system must be worn on the body for at least 10 hours.
  2. Vacuum electronic massagers. They represent a bowl that is attached to a base handle. Alternatively, the pan is placed on the mammary glands and held shortly afterwards. Please refer to the instructions for use of each individual massager for details.
  3. Vacuum cans. Used as a last resort when there is no breast growth. Works similar to anti-cellulite cupping massagers.
  4. Vacuum pumps. There are mechanical and electronic devices. Available with double and single bowls included.
Vacuum massager for breast enlargement

With the cessation of the use of devices, the chest sinks sharply in a few days and then completely "deflates" and sags within 1-2 months. In addition, the hobby for such actions is dangerous to women's health. After all, vacuum exposure is nothing more than the induction of tissue edema. Large swellings (desired breast enlargement by 1-2 sizes) can lead to irreversible changes in the glandular tissue up to and including the appearance of neoplasms.

When buying a vacuum device, it is important to consult a specialist in contraindications for its use.

Contraindications to the vacuum massage procedure:

  • Blood vessel problems, tendency for veins to become blocked, blood clots forming
  • Heart disease
  • dermatological diseases, weak skin tone and tendency to stretch marks,
  • Diseases of haematopoiesis,
  • Mastopathy,
  • Oncology,
  • Age up to 18 and after 35 years.

It is better to give preference to another method of breast augmentation before the baby is born. A violation of the structure of the glandular tissue often becomes the reason for the impossibility of breastfeeding.

Breast enlargement exercises

The size of the spicy parts of the female body depends on the abundance of the mammary glands and the volume of the pectoral muscles. It is physically impossible to change the first one, but it is entirely possible to "swing" the muscles for an extra size with simple exercises. But you don't have to expect quick results - pumping up your pecs is no easier than bumpy abs. If you exercise 4-5 times a week, you can see results after 2 months, and it will take another month of supportive training to consolidate.

To do breast enlargement exercises, you do not need a spacious gym or special equipment. A tireless desire to see beautiful shapes in the mirror, a strong will and result orientation are the main components of success.

Popular effective home exercises for the chest:

  • Compression of the palms. Place your open palms at shoulder level. Press firmly with your palms against each other for 10-15 seconds. Then move your hands forward a little and keep pushing. Do the exercise for as long as you can, keeping your palms closed.
  • Pushups from the wall. Stand facing the wall, place your palms on it. Do push-ups slowly, changing the distance between the arms, varying the degree of stress on the chest muscles (the wider, the higher the stress).
  • Pushups are the most effective chest exercise. One approach in each lesson requires 20 or more pushups.
  • Bench press (with dumbbells). Sit face up on the floor, bend your legs at your knees, squeeze your hands holding the dumbbells to your chest. Slowly raise and lower the dumbbells just as slowly without touching the floor with your elbows. Perform at least 3 approaches 10 times during training.
  • Dumbbell scissors. Sit on a chair, stretch your arms out in front of you with dumbbells, and take turns crossing your arms at the fastest possible pace. By the way, these exercises are the most effective for the chest.

To get a good effect, it is not necessary to do all of the listed chest exercises for women at once. It is enough to complete 2-3 of them with full devotion for 2 weeks, and then replace them with others.

How can you optically enlarge your breasts? The ways

With well-chosen clothing and underwear, you can put even modest breasts in the right light. A few little female tricks - and admiring male looks and thus self-confidence are there for you.

The first assistant is the right bra. Exactly adjusted in size, it gives the breasts a beautiful shape, lifts and gives visual volume. And on the contrary, even in the most seductive bra with a larger cup than necessary, small breasts look even more modest, and rich natural chest volume can hide an overly tight and tight bodice.

One find for girls with small breasts is a push-up bra. With a specially thought-out lining, this underwear model visually lifts and enlarges the breast. The same effect can be achieved by using silicone inserts that fit into a simple bra.

Bra for optical enlargement of the bust

Women's wardrobes of various models and decors are another loyal ally in the battle for beauty.

Visually enlarging the bust helps:

  • V-neck of the neckline of the garment.
  • Abundance of ruffles, ruffles, curtains, bows along the bodice.
  • Clothing that was cut "with a smell".
  • Clothes in light colors, in warm colors.
  • Horizontal ornament of the bodice.

Accessories complete the big bust effect. They draw attention to the cleavage area, emphasize it pleasantly and the breasts do not go unnoticed. Nice shawls or scarves, light shawls or voluminous stoles help here. But, strangely enough, it is better to refuse large pendants or chains, heavy brooches - against their background, the chest appears even smaller than it is.

And finally, you can simply optically enlarge your breasts. . . by straightening up. Women hide the real size and shape of their bust. Often times, all you have to do is lift your head, straighten up, and proudly straighten your shoulders - and your chest doesn't seem so small anymore.

Breast Enlargement - Your Favorite Dream? You can try implementing it in all known ways. But it is even better to love yourself and your body, let go of all complexes and enjoy life. A confident and confident woman will always stand out, regardless of the size of her breasts.