How to increase breast volume at home

an increase in breast volume

Standards and stereotypes force a person to change and meet the requirements.

Because of this, many women have a question: how to increase breast volume without resorting to plastic surgery?

Every girl dreams of a magnificent bust, but not all have received such a feature. Contacting a plastic surgeon is expensive, such clinics only exist in large cities. How to enlarge breasts at home in a week?

Nowadays there are many techniques that you can use to enlarge your breasts without surgery. Therefore, there is no need to contact a surgeon at all.

The essence of this problem and its causes

It is generally accepted that it is only important for a man what breast size his life partner has. In fact, this is a problem that is primarily relevant to the fair sex themselves. Breast shrinking is a process that can be triggered by age-related changes, trauma, or feeding a baby when the volume of milk increases the breast greatly and then "shrinks" it, causing some visual deformation.

There are several reasons why small breasts don't grow in size:

  1. Hereditary factor. Sizes are often "inherited". If women in one family have a small bust size, it will most likely be the case in the next generation. Sometimes the process of puberty makes some adjustments, but it doesn't happen often. Inheritance has a great influence not only on character traits, but also on our external parameters, so in general we cannot count on an exception to the rule.
  2. Lack of estrogen. It is these hormones that affect breast growth during a teenager's puberty. To determine its blood level, a special analysis is required. If there are hormonal imbalances, these are in most cases associated with characteristic symptoms in the form of stress, an obvious vitamin deficiency and poor skin condition. There are many reasons for this condition, and they are all individual and require a careful approach to examination and diagnosis. Incidentally, the lack of estrogen is fraught with serious consequences, including infertility, so women's health should not be neglected under any circumstances.
  3. Systematic diets and individual characteristics. These factors can also influence the available volumes. Diet lovers should know that such a hobby is breast reduction. Because in this part of the body there are glandular and fatty tissue, which are mainly reduced by an improper diet. The structural features, especially the thinness, are again in nature and it is almost impossible to change these parameters yourself.
  4. Too active sport. There is a view that hard training increases chest size, but it doesn't. Exercise is part of the function of burning fat, and as you know, the breast is largely made up of it. Exercise is definitely important. Among other things, they prevent sagging. However, it is very important to properly dose the load. Look at professional athletes, you are unlikely to see among them the owners of magnificent breasts.
  5. Age. This is especially true for adolescent girls who are complex about this. Do not forget that breast formation is a process that does not end until the age of 21-25. You need to be patient and not panic.

Breast augmentation at home

Breast enlargement with fruits

For those who want to make changes to the parameters of the bust without involving a plastic surgeon, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with a few tips:

  • Emphasize a balanced diet. This doesn't mean you need to switch to firm cabbage, especially for those over 25. It's wise to increase your consumption of legumes, which can include soybeans, lentils, beans, and peas. Taking walnuts in combination with honey and turmeric in the amount of 1 tablespoon once a day is very effective in solving the problem. It is best to drink the spice with milk. It is also advisable to include carrots, spinach, citrus fruits, and dried fruits in the diet.
  • Use special cosmetic creams, emulsions, gels. Their main feature is an increased production of lipids that affect the growth of the mammary glands. There are also options that restore elasticity, which in combination has a positive effect. The main condition is the systematic application for one or more months with a frequency of at least twice a day.
  • Massage is a really effective method. As the research has shown, such a procedure is not only able to solve the problem, but also has a general beneficial effect on the entire body. It should only be performed by a professional with the appropriate knowledge and skills. The benefits of the mass include the ability to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin, improve blood flow to the chest and cleavage in general, and increase the overall tone of the skin.

These simple recommendations in combination can restore the lost elasticity and slightly increase the volume.