How breast 13-way, or plastic increase breast size without surgery:?

How to enlarge Breasts

Every girl dreams of lush Breasts, but not all, rewarded for such a function the nature. Today, there are many techniques, which make it possible to enlarge breast without surgery. Therefore, it is not necessary to the surgeon. Exercises, folk remedies, proper nutrition — from now on, it will be your helpers in the fight for the lush Breasts.

Why the breast loses the Form of

Many of the girl's lush Breasts, but for certain reasons, such beauty can only be the elimination of the reasons for its small size. The dresser loses its shape, because:

  • flabby muscles, no physical stress on breast area;
  • Woman breastfed (the effects of the lactation period);
  • a lack of basic care for the chest;
  • Dehydration of the skin;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • Characteristics of the body (small Breasts).

Often, the size of the breast depends on genetics. If in the family all women can boast lush Breasts, it is quite possible that you have such a Problem.

On the size of the breast has effects of lifestyle, diet, skin care, and even ecology. It is important to understand to engage in the active sports, use of the "right" products, implementation of cosmetic treatments, you can bust to increase an order of magnitude.

Ways of breast enlargement without surgery

  • Contrast Rinse. The impact of first the cold, then the high temperatures leads to increased blood flow and thus an increase in the chest of drawers. Once a day, take a contrast shower, jet of water leads to the chest of drawers in a clockwise direction. At the conclusion, you clean the skin with tough towel and cream.
  • The right diet. The mammary gland contains a decent amount of fat tissue. If there is not enough chest looks small and "dry". To fix this, you balance the diet. You need to eat more foods, in which the fatty acids, and estrogen. Nuts, lean meat, sea-lean fruit and fish. Drinking more water is the key to success!
  • Sex. Have been numerous studies in which has been proven that regular Sex increases the size of the breast. In the female the body's hormones, the provider produced responsible for the magnificent bust.
  • The use of the dressings. Medicinal herbs and essential oils work so well as possible to the skin and the formation of the chest of drawers. Many girls know that the use of compresses also promotes the elimination of stretch marks. If you are breast-feeding finished, it is time-intensive work on yourself. As a basis you prepare the bark decoctions of nettle or birch, can provide this blend a few drops of Ester, Patchouli, lavender or eucalyptus. Fold the gauze in 8 layers, diving the Infusion and press. Apply to the chest for half an hour.
  • Iodine mesh. The Internet is full of headlines about how to enlarge breast without surgery with the help of iodine. Here everything is quite simple. You heat up the skin, take a bath or a shower. Remove all drops of water from the body, then dip a cotton swab in a Tube with iodine and make a grid on the chest of drawers. Not has no influence on the nipples, so as not to burn the skin. Manipulations through the day.
  • A steam room or Sauna. Thermal complex and steam baths have a rejuvenating effect on the skin. You take it once in 1-2 weeks, the Sauna. You can take a bath honey, before you lubricate the area of the breast. After leaving the cabin, market, Massage bust make, always move from the center to the axillary cavities in a circle.
  • Pregnancy. If you are planning a child is conceived, may even refuse to other methods of breast enlargement. During pregnancy the body and produce female hormones is not enough, the bust is of a lush and rounded. It is understood that the short-term effect, but a way to have the desired not suitable for everyone. In addition, it was starts after the end of the lactation period, the breast to reduce.
  • Hormone preparations. For the growth of the mammary glands provider is responsible the hormone estrogen. To reduce if a woman starts hormonal imbalance, your breast. The disorder happens to many functions and systems. You can be a doctor, so he wrote hormone preparations, which will lead you to the standard to the background and contribute to the natural breast enlargement.
  • Massage. Mammary glands in the periphery to increase blood flow in the area of the chest. To do this, you can do exercises or Massage. In the latter case, RUB the breast in a clockwise direction for 10 minutes (total 20 minutes). It is advisable to Manipulation with the massage oil.
  • Exercises. Maybe this is the best way to breast enlargement without surgery. The exercises must be made daily. Fits hands breeding with dumbbells, lie, pushups, or bench, compression fitbola. Select to exercise at least 10 minutes.

A well-balanced diet for breast enlargement

A well-balanced diet for breast enlargement

As already mentioned, breast volume increase glandular estrogen in the production of the hormone. Find it in foods.

  • Milk lean whole milk cow or goat. They eat Quark with a fat content of 15% to 20%. Also Smetana's need.
  • Your diet should cabbage white. In it, a variety of vitamins and female hormones is focused. Cabbage and even recommend to consume, from the age of 13.
  • There is a Cocktail that will help you have a gorgeous bust. Clean a handful of walnuts, chop them (or conveyor belt Hack, you this step). Mix with a spoon of honey, juice of lemon, third. You can eat this mixture in the lunch every day.
  • The owner of the large size of the chest of drawers you can, if you lean to green Apple. On the day you should eat at least 5 pieces of. Apple varieties "simirenko" and "Golden"are suitable.
  • You get used to it, to eat at least 2 times per week of seafood. If you can't afford expensive delicacies, now in every supermarket glasses sold with the Cocktail. The cost is low.
  • Make sure you enter in the diet of lean meat. Every day you must eat Turkey, chicken, duck or rabbit.
  • If possible, eat products with soy. It is the substances, for the production of estrogen. Form rounded breast glands you a glass of soya milk drink on a daily basis.

Iodine for breast enlargement

  • Arm yourself with a tin of iodine, dip a cotton swab and a bit of wringing out. The drug may not drain. You make the grid now a breast without a nipple.
  • To avoid burns, the stripes on the relative distance from each other. Repeated procedure is performed when the iodine is fully absorbed.
  • The girls who tried out this technique on my own body, claiming that the chest is rising half a point per month. The method is questionable, but worth a try.
  • The main thing is, be aware of the contraindications. To gynecological diseases, diseases of the endocrine system (including thyroid), tumors, lactation period and pregnancy.
  • If after the session you have a fever, you should immediately have this method of breast enlargement without surgery eliminate. No refuge to him again. Iodine must try, wash off with water.

Exercises for breast enlargement

Exercises for breast enlargement

If your Breasts without surgery, you can begin the complex of effective exercises. This requires a daily workout.

Prior to the start of the exercise, you need to take dumbbells and lie on your back. Pull the hands with the weighting provided for in the above. You dilute it to one side on level with the shoulders. Again, you lift the weights in front of the cross. The hands with the dumbbells behind the head. You make at least 12 repetitions.

"The wall move"
You stand in front of a wall at a distance of 50 cm, make Sure that you do that. Rest palms on the surface. The hands should be at the height of the chest of drawers. Just do pushups, chest muscles, lying tense. A nice man on 15-20 seconds in the bent state. You take the original pose. The number of repetitions must be at least 20.

"The Prayer"
Take the Lotus Position and fold the palm of your hand in front of him. The elbow should be flexed on the chest. Place the palms of your hands on each other, laying a strong emphasis. Relax after 5-7 seconds. This exercise is a well-established, you will make at least 20 repetitions.

You take the starting position for the classic pushups. The elbows should be divorced. If the execution of the exercise causes you any difficulties, the focus can be on the king's meadow and not on the feet. You make at least 10 reps.

"Mahi Hands"
You are exactly and you close the legs. You raise a Hand, then bring them back as far as possible. Return to the starting position. Repeat the exercise with the other Hand. They usually do 20 reps.

"The breeding of the hands"
You stand on a solid surface directly. Stand your feet apart shoulder width. Stretch the arms up and spread apart you. Elevate the leg again violently, and cotton. It is important that the hands just hold on. Repeat the Manipulation of 15 times.

You choose according to size, a low stool. On the surface belly to lean must. You should the socks get to the ground. Rotten of the backs as much as possible, stretched out her hands to heated front seats. The bottom line is, the spine completely on the floor. This exercise strengthens the muscles of the chest and back. In brief, you will find excellent posture.

Such exercises is important to regularly perform, otherwise you will not be able to achieve the desired result. You will find a delicate figure after 2 months under the condition of constant teaching.

Folk remedies for breast enhancement

  • Infusion on the Basis of the root of the mallow. Take 60 gr. crushed root and mix with 700 ml of purified water. Send the composition to the plate, the product must cook, after cooking, a quarter of an hour. Cool naturally, then strain. The ready means you need to drink a course 2 months. They consume raw materials of 200 ml. three times a day 20 minutes before meals. From the root of the plant lotions are made. The composition may insist on the milk, the result falls to 1 course.
  • The Infusion of Linden flowers, nettle, and mugwort. Pour into a Cup. up to 15 gr. dry raw material of each type of herbs. Pour 650 ml. filtered water, send them on the plate, wait until boiling. Cool not forget the supperior reliability of the strain. You drink 200 ml in the morning on an empty stomach for 1 month.

To zoom in on the chest, you need to work hard. It is understood that the result may not be the expectations. In any case, you will be able to significantly adjust shape. Folk remedies to strengthen health. The physical exercises strengthen all the muscles of the body. Do not forget that the diet should be balanced.

Women opt for surgery for various reasons: some want their Breasts larger, others need a lift after childbirth, and again ask others to bust to fix a doctor's asymmetry. Whatever the motives, the breast implants needs to understand the topic in Detail, after weighing all the "pros" and "cons" in the future will not suffer from possible complications and disappointments. The plastic of the chest of drawers at the best in the audited hospitals, you should take into account that the price of high quality breast implants are not small. What is the plastic of the breast is breast implants call glands change of the anatomical shape and size of the breast, as well as the Substitution of recovery of the milk. Plastic surgery of the breast got its popularity in the early 20th century, then, to enlarge your breast, used the injection of Paraffin, ached, the heavy damage to the health of the woman. Now silicone, this Material is replaced, and the implants improves all the time. Simultaneously with the operations to change the size of the chest of drawers develop and other methods of correction and restoration of the bust.


Plastic chest of drawers can be done, if it is both in aesthetic as well as medical reasons. A surgical procedure may be required in the following cases:

  • the asymmetry of milk glands;
  • saggy bust due to the feeding of the child, not to fix, without surgery;
  • Omission of the mammary gland due to age-related changes in the mastoptosis (used the method of classical tightening, with a cut under the breast);
  • to achieve small, the inability, and its increase by means of hormonal preparations;
  • the need for breast reconstruction after severe surgical interventions (for example, after the treatment of breast cancer);
  • Gynecomastia (the development of the male germ-glands, with 1 or both sides);
  • very large bust, provides the woman with a serious illness (in this case, the removal of excess tissue, removing the breast and areola correction of the nipple).

Types of plastics

Today, there are four main types of these aesthetic operations, each of which aims at the solution of a problem: slimming, breast reduction, plastic milk glands, correction of the nipple Areola.

Let us know about any Form of more:

  • Reduktsionnaya Plastic. Surgical intervention, the mean reduction in the size of the breast. Therapeutic mammoplastika (reconstruction). Is after mastectomy (Amputation of breast), shown in malignant tumors. In addition, a therapeutic method called partial mastectomy, where the breast gland is then complete.
  • Breast Lift (Tightening). This Manipulation allows you to adjust the contours of the breast, improve the shape of the glands, but not change your settings. Lifting is a challenging procedure, so it is often the patients do the complex of operations.
  • The augmentation. The Operation to increase the breast, whose aim is, not only a change in volume, but also the correction of the shape of the chest of drawers.


In spite of the relevance and glory of art, silicone bust will make any woman can not substances, because there are certain restrictions for this operation. Among the absolute contraindications mental disorders; haematological pathology; chronic diseases in the acute stage; the young age (up to 18 years):; appointment for after breastfeeding for 6 months is not achieved; the presence of malignant tumors. In addition to the absolute contraindications, there are a number of relative.

Among these negative factors:

  • the presence of focal fibrotic nodes;
  • HIV-infection;
  • Syphilis;
  • Obesity 2-3 Level;
  • Auto-Immune Disease;
  • Diabetes at the stage of compensation;
  • chronic Hepatitis B, C;
  • Varices.

Prepare for the surgery

If the woman has no contraindications, and because of the anatomical peculiarities or other reasons, you opted for surgery, for 2 weeks prior to the eyelid surgery, you should start with the preparations. In this period, you should abstain from alcohol and Smoking. In addition, the patient of a plastic surgeon is obliged to inform the doctor about all your medicines, including vitamin and complex and, if necessary, to temporarily stop taking them. Since breast implants – a complete surgical Intervention, in front of her you must pass a test comprises the following: make the General analysis of blood; clotting of blood to be determined by Prothrombin index; Tests for infections including Syphilis, Hepatitis B, HIV; make an ECG; the inspection at the therapist, mammologa. Gynecologist; make x-ray images of the breast. The essence of back to go back to surgery breast implants – type, go-procedures in reconstructive surgery, whose goal consists in the improvement of the aesthetic appearance of the chest of drawers. This result is achieved by the Substitution of the dresser, giving the desired size, shape of the bust, the correction of individual parts of the body. The surgery will be with General anesthesia and lasts an average of 1.5 to 4 hours, depending on the type of procedure, type of access, the venue of the cut, the individual characteristics of the patient. Breast augmentation Increases the endoprosthesis through the surgical incision, which the doctor can perform, under the breast, in the armpit, or along the contour of the nipple Areola. The cut is made individually for each patient, depending on the specifics of the Constitution. By making him the surgeon with a special pocket for the implant. After the Installation of the artificial material, the surgeon under the skin sewn. Surgery on the chest requires a longer hospital stay. In the absence of complications, the Patient after a day released.

Installation Methods Breast Implants

Silicon-Material implanted in several ways, the most popular of these is the submammary (carried out by the chest fold). Apart from him there are four other techniques for the introduction of implants.

You consider any kind of Details:

  • Submammary Plastic. Optimal for the formation of large Breasts. The basic prerequisite for the implementation of such an Operation – the presence of the sufficient number of the glands of the body, the provider will be responsible for the elasticity of the bust. If present, the seams and scars after the surgery are practically invisible. In addition, at the time of Installation of the prosthesis in this way, the breast tissue will remain unharmed, is that an advantage of submammary procedure, prior to other operations.
  • Circumareolar Method. The implant is made by the lower semi-circle sosochkov Areola. The main advantage of this type of Intervention consists of a one that the scar after the incision is almost invisible, since it blends with the dark of the areola. The disadvantage of the method is considered to be minor damage is almost inevitable glands, and temporary loss of sensibility of the nipple go.
  • Ray-Breast Implants. Implants are in the breast through a small incision in the belly button and prevents the formation of a noticeable scar. For such unusual methods, only saline implants with a special solution is filled in directly during the surgery (small incision, you penetrate into the emptied Form. are Implants install, the navel can only be in front of the big chest muscle, but to build a Tunnel from the abdomen up to the breast prosthesis to move always to always a traumatic procedure.
  • TRANS-Abdominal Technique. Dentures are inserted through an incision, after the anterior wall of the peritoneum. Axillary plastic of the chest of drawers. The procedure is performed through the axillary access. Prostheses are implanted under the pectoralis major muscle, and they are practically non-overview of breast cancer in x-ray diagnostic overlap. This method does not lead to loss of sensitivity of the body and helps avoid visible scars. The main indications for axillary plastics are not a limosa and small volume of the glands of the body.

Breast augmentation without implants

Make you more bust size without the use of implants with own fat. This procedure is called lipomodulina or lipofilling. During the promotion period, fat from the belly/thighs or other problem areas is transplanted to the area of the chest of drawers. A great advantage of the Operation safety, due to the naturalness of the material, moreover, the chest of drawers retains to plastics to their natural Form, with the purchase of an additional volume. Before the Operation the patient specialist care, in the course of contraindications excluded.

The procedure takes about 3 hours and involves several steps:

  • Analgesia (Total);
  • Fence the fat tissue through the creation of Mini-incisions with specialized cannulas;
  • the processing of the received material in a few minutes by means of a special centrifuge for the purification of blood clots and increase the vitality of the fat cells;
  • Fat distribution in the correct area of the breast by injection;
  • closure of the wound, the room of the patient in the hospital for 1-2 days;
  • the evaluation of the results (a week after surgery, when swelling come up).

Rehabilitation phase after mammoplastiki

In the postoperative period, a woman held to be discharged in the hospital for 1-2 days, then home, where the Patient remains in the hospital for another week or two. In the first five days after the eyelid surgery wife is forbidden to lift the Hand above the level of the chest of drawers, have Sex, drink alcohol. For 1,5-2 months, you should not go in for sports, sunbathe, lift weights. Other rules that may lower the risk of developing complications after eyelid surgery breast: sleep in the first 2 weeks, only on the back, after you turned to the side, can go to the belly to the end of the month; the first shower, you can take it later, 2 days after the plastic and with the permission of the physician; 1.5 months after mammoplastiki compression garments, reduction of post-operative pain is to use to avert gapping and Migration of the implants. With the successful passage of the Rehabilitation, the stitches 10-14 days after the plastics are removed. The restoration involves taking medications and lasts from several months to a year under the supervision of a physician. After this time, the scars will heal completely, and the patient's feeling when tactile contact, then we can evaluate the result of the operation that finished and, where appropriate, Laser to remove cosmetic seams.