Breast Enlargement Techniques

The desire to add 1-2 sizes to your breast (and often even more) over many hundreds of years has remained the cherished dream of most women.

This is why there is a demand for numerous breast augmentation methods, the varieties of which are currently offered by everyone - from plastic surgery professionals to bored housewives to scammers playing with women's weaknesses. Let's consider the main ways to get the desired result.

Breast augmentation technique with diet

Breast enlargement diets are a real "folk" method, as not the first generation of volunteer experimenters took part in their development.

In general, it is recommended that you increase your consumption of legumes and grains, as well as high-protein foods, and of course, rely on "classic" cabbage.

Such a diet can really promote the growth of mammary glands - but only during their natural growth (13-19 years) and to a rather insignificant extent (even 1 size is out of the question).

For women with already shaped breasts, this method is absolutely useless - unless you can achieve a detox effect with the right choice of products, but this is a result from a completely different field.

Exercise for breast enlargement

A series of exercises that focus on developing the chest muscles help maintain their growth and tone. As a result, the breasts are tightened and the volume slightly increased. It is important to understand that, firstly, only muscles grow, and not mammary glands, and secondly, the process is very long and tedious.

It takes at least 6-10 months of regular training to have a pronounced effect. If it is necessary to stop the exercises for one reason or another, the muscles gradually lose their tone, and the chest visually decreases (although not to its original size).

Breast enlargement technique by stimulating blood flow

This includes various gels and creams as well as hand and vacuum massages. They all stimulate blood flow to the mammary glands and chest muscles, which in turn leads to swelling and some breast enlargement.

There is an effect of these methods, but they do not last long - from several hours to several days. At the same time, the constant use of creams irritates the skin, and if the dosage is significantly exceeded, it can cause burns.

Vacuum massage (performed on professional equipment and not with the help of a "miracle massage device" for home use) gives the best and sufficiently long-lasting result, but fades rather quickly - therefore this is a very situational method that is only suitableto rely on oneParty or prepare a romantic date.

Plastic surgery for breast augmentation

effective ways to enlarge the breast

Breast implant placement is the best way to increase your breast size when you need to add 1 size or more. Another option from the plastic surgeon's arsenal is lipofilling (the formation of a breast from its own fat cells).

Of course, both operations have negative aspects of "plastic surgery" - a high price and the risk of complications related to the operation. Therefore, the decision to go to the clinic should be carefully weighed and weighed up.

Breast enlargement with hyaluronic acid and other fillers

Surgeons first tried to inflate a woman's breast with silicone gel towards the end of the last century. The results were terrifying - the gel gradually spread over the body, causing the breasts to lose their shape completely. And numerous side effects - pain and inflammation - eventually convinced all healthy women to give up this technique.

A few years ago the company brought a special drug onto the market - a filler based on hyaluronic acid, with which it is quite possible to enlarge breasts within one size. In contrast to the "first generation" gels, this product was recognized as being safe for health based on the results of the tests carried out.

Unfortunately, the effect does not last longer than 2 years. After that, it has to be injected again, and the high cost makes the procedure prohibitive for most women. However, this is one of the few ways to get truly remarkable results.

"Secret" methods of breast enlargement

Various "secret" and "unique" techniques are often advertised on the internet, on television, and in newspapers - usually tablets or other drugs of unknown content.

Of course, buying such a "pig in a poke" can be completely unpredictable - up to serious poisoning. The breast cannot enlarge, at least slightly, from taking pills and other "unique" courses - such is its anatomy and nothing can be done about it.

"Esoteric" techniques

Suggestions from various hypnotists, clairvoyants and healers, as well as the well-known method of "breast augmentation with the power of thinking" (supposedly enough to relax and imagine the breast growing - and it will surely grow) - all of this isnothing more than a banal scam or quack as you like it.

Communication with "wizards" is quite an expensive pleasure, and the result is absolutely zero. But strangely enough, with enviable persistence, there are all new people who want to be persuaded by personal experience